Perfume Consultation from Paris

Hi, my name is Daniela, I live and work in Paris in the French perfume industry.

With ten years of invaluable experience garnered at esteemed global entities such as Etro and Este Lauder, I've come to appreciate the deeply personal aspect of perfume selection, accentuating the essential need for tailored consultations.

As the market for perfume brands continues to expand, the endeavor to discover captivating, enduring, and personally curated fragrances that reflect our distinct preferences remains an ongoing journey. My preference is for products crafted from natural, harmless elements, supporting brands committed to environmental sustainability

Hence, Perfume Echoes was born—a platform dedicated to complimentary, personalized consultations (click the messenger icon located below on the right) and the retail of French, niche, and all-natural perfumery.

Oud by Igor

French, niche perfumes

In Perfume Echoes you can find my selection of high-end niche perfumes, created in Paris and Grasse by modern, French perfume houses, and in my blog you can read interesting information about the perfumes.

Long-lasting, intensely concentrated perfumes or extracts.

M.A.H Edition Préstige and Les parfums d'Igor - By Igor are distinguished by exceptional durability and richness due to the high concentration of aromatic oil in them - over 25%.
Crystal 24 by Igor

Natural, harmless perfumes

The Nolença and Bon Parfumeur brands are over 95% natural and selected by me according to the following criteria:
  • created in France - from the liquid to the packaging;
  • pure formulas - free of phthalates, preservatives, endocrine disruptors, allergens, dyes and petrochemicals;
  • excellent value for money;
  • ecological
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