Bon Parfumeur
Bon Parfumeur reinvents haute Parisian perfumery, creating pure and impressive niche perfumes entirely made in France. The brand uses ingredients of uncompromising quality and trusts the experience and skills of renowned perfumers. At the heart of their creativity lies an entire ecosystem of curious and authentic young artists.

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Bon Parfumeur offers a range of 28 eaux de parfum created by 11 French perfumers and divided into 10 unisex fragrance categories. This gives you the freedom to create scents to your taste by combining different fragrances. It is the creative scope and the courage to experiment that paint the conceptual concept of the French perfume house.
Who is behind Bon Parfumeur
Over the years, Louis Boneton has managed to forge an exciting relationship with a host of iconic perfumes. In his teenage years, he loved wearing Jicky by Guerlain as well as Vetiver by Carven. In his youth, he became infatuated with Habit Rouge and Pour un Homme by Caron. Gradually, he gained courage and turned to more daring and sophisticated niche perfumeries that insisted on putting fragrance, not marketing, at the centre of their production.

Travelling the world, Louis Boneton began to gain more and more confidence in mixing perfumes, creating his own authentic fragrance profile tailored to a specific occasion or mood. At one point in her life, she moved to live in Colombia, where the miracle of inspiration happened. Ludovic lets the warm Colombian winds whisper to him that the time has come to create his own brand through which he can unleash his vision of artistic niche perfumery. Thus was born Bon Parfumeur – a dream come true, matured for many years and finally ready to reign its splendor in the world of fragrances.
Niche French perfumes from Bon Parfumeur
The correct definition of Bon Parfumeur perfumes is artistic. Made in France, they keep the tradition of the past but embrace the chaos and energy of the present. Bon Parfumeur allows everyone to freely mix fragrances in order to reach that magnificent note of the fragrant symphony of their own unique taste. Unlike purely traditional perfume manufacturers, Bon Parfumeur’s products are designed to be personalized. With scents ranging from woody and floral to spicy and food-inspired notes, you can combine perfumes to create your own authentic fragrance.

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