Does perfume have a gender?

Религиозен ритуал древен Египет

Do perfumes have a gender?

And the smell?

Let's trace the history of perfumes....in the beginning the fragrance composition (Ancient Egypt), most often in the form of a type of incense and served a for the association with the deities. Hence the etymology of perfume - per fumum - through the smoke, connecting with a god through the aromatic smoke. For centuries thereafter, perfume had only a therapeutic purpose, pleasant scents were thought to protect against disease, and even when used to beautify and seduce, they were not separated into male and female.

Религиозен ритуал древен Египет

Perfumery flourished in France in the 17th and 18th centuries, the French royal court adored fragrance, luxury and refined pleasures.

At the beginning to the 19th century, the first perfume advertisements began to appear, then through the images a separation of male and female atmosphere was observed.


The real push in this direction came relatively late, in the 1970s, when marketing came to power from America. The perfume becomes a mass consumption product, well calculated by specialists, which must reach and appeal to the maximum number of people. And this is easiest when you put it in a category, male, female and more precisely - "perfume for urban woman, 25 to 35 years old, who likes the series "Friends" and Greek moussaka".


Marketing enforces the male and female perfume category and has shaped people's tastes for years. Know that these categories and preferences are European, in other cultures they are not valid.

In India, men are perfumed with rose and jasmine, women like woody notes. In Brazil women adore lavender, in France it is associated with fougères, men's colognes or hygiene products. In France, rose has a retro flavour... in Bulgaria we associate it with rose oil and muscatel...

Nowadays, niche or artisan perfumery is becoming more and more popular among people who want to escape from designer and commercial perfumery There perfumes have no gender and category, no one imposes rules, the important thing is whether you like the perfume or not.

Let me tell you a funny story about me in Dubai. I wanted to buy a magical, Arabic perfume as a keepsake from there, I chose for about 2 hours carefully with an enthusiastic consultant. I proudly and happily spritzed for days ...Then I decided to look up the brand on the Internet and it turns out that this, according to Arabic taste, is a typical men's perfume.

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