Does the ideal perfume exist? – Authentic perfume vs perfume persona


Yes, it exists, BUT...

The ideal perfume for a given situation exists!

Let me tell you how to wear different perfumes without cheating your tastes and feeling uncomfortable and unaccustomed to them.

The first stage is to identify which is the type of perfume we most and truly like and choose a fragrance in that style. The second stage of choice is to choose a scent through which to adapt and/or change the message of our broadcast in a direction we like.

I explain...

How to choose " The Authentic " fragrance for us - it is the basis with which we can then have fun and change in the direction we want.

In order to choose the scent that truly appeals to us, we need to know ourselves well...know exactly what appeals to our essence. First - whether the fragrance is rather light, ethereal, delicate or dense, sensual, magnetic, strong, noticeable. Here, don't choose what you feel like broadcasting, but what actually fits you. If you have an idea, specify some of the main ingredients in your favorite perfumes - the ones that make you feel cozy and yourself.

Then, if you want to wear many different perfumes and have the perfume change the consequence of your appearance, and adapt and serve you in different contexts, choose " perfume - persona ". What does that mean ? In ancient Greek theatre, the same person played several roles, so for each role they had a different mask, which was called a persona. So too, depending on the context and the mood we are in, we choose different variations of " The authentic " no perfume. It is also possible to choose something completely different, but here, if you are not advised by a competent perfume expert, you risk choosing the wrong fragrance.

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At work, dinner with a loved one, fitness club, meeting friends, vacation...our social roles are many, so it's good to adapt our perfume for them.

Specifically -

I like delicate, musky, floral perfumes with a slight fruity undertone. This is my authentic perfume, it suits my tastes and who I am exactly.

In the collection of Bon Parfumeur this is 101 with rose, lathyrus and cedarwood.


If I want to choose a perfume for the office that exudes more dynamism, drive and determination, all qualities that are valued in a work context, I should choose a perfume in the floral range, but subtly mixed with woody notes. The woody note is a symbol of intelligence, depth, character and gives the perfume a more unisex character. By no means sweet and heavy, orient, think of your colleagues... 🙂

The perfumes of Bon Parfumeur can be combined, so I combine powder 101 with 601 with vetiver or 901 with nutmeg and patchouli.


But if I'm picking a perfume for a seaside holiday, I'd replace the heart notes of my authentic perfume with more exotic ones, like frangipani or tiare flower. Why not a few sweeter acorda...So my perfume becomes more sensual and makes me feel more vacant. I choose 103 with tiara, jasmine and hibiscus of course!

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