Niche perfumes

Here you will find niche perfumes from French brands with an exciting history and signature in creating high quality perfumery. On this website, you can read useful information regarding perfumes and get professional consultation on fragrances. I made a selection of qualitative and long-lasting French brands.

In the section Unisex perfumes, you will find high-end French perfumery that will speak to each of you in the language of fragrance and imagination. The category of Women's fragrances encapsulates a whole world of impeccable ingredients and impressive fragrances. Men's fragrances will make you feel the power of nature with full-bodied and captivating French perfumes. The section Samples of flavours will reveal the scent of niche perfumes and prepare you for the decisive step toward the desired purchase.

On the Perfume Echoes website, you will find my selection of high-end niche perfumes created in Paris and Grasse by contemporary French perfume houses. Their quality is undisputed and proven, and the price is affordable and fair.

The products of the brands M.A.H Edition Préstige и Les parfums d'Igor - By Igor are distinguished by exceptional durability and saturation due to the high concentration of aromatic oil in them - over 25%.

The brands Nolença и Bon Parfumeurare over 95% natural and selected by me according to the following criteria:

  • Made in France - from the fragrance to the packaging;
  • Clean formulations - free of phthalates, preservatives, endocrine disruptors, allergens, colorants and petrochemicals;
  • Excellent value for money;
  • ecological

The most important: are wonderful and sensual fragrances and ingredients. I always try to choose niche perfumes that are sensory experiences in themselves.

Welcome to the world of Perfume Echoes.


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