This category of original perfumes for women will transport you to the Mediterranean, where jasmine blooms in a bee-crazing sweetness. Where delicate blossoms break from the branches of orange trees and fly to the ground, leaving behind a fragrance that evokes memories of gentle summers and happy days. It will carry you to the deep depths of bold and intoxicating musky and resinous aromas, inspiring energy and courage.

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Perfume Echoes perfumes come together in an irresistible bouquet of emotions, leading you on an unforgettable adventure among French perfumery traditions, refreshed by the contemporary eye of modern perfumers.
Original scents from niche French brands
The three French perfume houses that Perfume Echoes presents on the market are an emanation of quality and creativity in creating distinctive fragrances suitable for every gender.

Nolença offers fragrances that both bring you back to your roots, but also ground you here in the present to remind you that life has been and continues to be good. With their works of aromatic art, the creators of the
paint a whole new vision of contemporary fragrance, full of softness and poetry, yet retaining its power and defiant beauty. In Occitan, Nolença means “Fragrance” and this is a wink to the main inspiration for the creation of the brand – the tiled splendour and pastel colours of Toulouse.

The perfume house
Bon Parfumeur
was born out of Louis Boneton’s desire to revive the traditional art of perfumery, giving it a contemporary twist. Thus was born the artistic perfumery that sets Bon Parfumeur apart from many other French fragrance creators. The fragrances are elegant but daring – anyone can experiment with them, combining them in search of the right scent for the day, the event or the mood.

Les Parfums d’Igor
is a brand created in 2016, but already imposing its creative signature in the world of perfumery. Bold, experienced and innovative, the perfumers of Les Parfums d’Igor encounter the most interesting and memorable fragrances from the Eastern and Western worlds. The enjoyment comes from the impeccable quality of the addictive fragrances made in France. Even the design of the bottle and the packaging of the perfumes have that French signature that every connoisseur adores.
Original women’s perfumes with impeccable quality and environmental responsibility
Nolença and Bon Parfumeur ‘s perfumes are over 90% natural composition of precious ingredients extracted from nature. To add complexity, abstractness and durability, a small percentage of synthetic ingredients have been added to the formulation, which are completely harmless to humans and the environment.

In this category, you will find liquid perfumes for women that have locked up a world of flawless ingredients and proven methods for creating long-lasting and impressive fragrances. Also enjoy the selection of solid women’s perfumes in the form of a gorgeous balm to take care of your body and soul at the same time.

Nolença and Bon Parfumeur perfumes come to you in recyclable packaging that is free of plastic and other polluting waste products. The safety of the products is guaranteed by European legislation, which has approved all three perfume brands offered on the site.
Choose your original women’s perfume with Perfume Echoes
If you want to create your perfect “perfume wardrobe”, take our Perfume Test and book a free personal consultation to choose the right perfume via Facebook Messenger or the contact form. Together, we’ll discover which fragrance is authentic to you, the one that best suits your essence, and then we’ll peek into the secret world of the impact that perfumes apply to adapt to any situation in everyday life.

On the Perfume Echoes page you will find not only women’s fragrances, but also many other types of men’s fragrances, unisex fragrances and fragrance samples.

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