Flowers in perfumery

Jasmine – a prelude to sensuality


There are many types of jasmine, but only two are used in perfumery - jasmin sambac et le jasmin grandiflorum. It is cultivated in India, Egypt, Morocco, Italy and Grasse, France. The Grasse vintage is almost entirely about Chanel perfumes.


A little know that scents have a very real, even scientifically proven impact on our emotional state. It is also very important to perfume ourselves with quality perfumes that contain natural, essential oils, they are absorbed through the skin and have a therapeutic influence.

The scent of jasmine calms the mind, allows us to connect with our body, relax, stop rationalizing and analyzing, and indulge in physical sensations and pleasures. Rich, intoxicating, magical fragrance... According to an Indian legend, the god of love sends his arrows wrapped in jasmine flowers... as a prelude to sensuality.


The scent of jasmine is ideal for scenting massage oils, hair and facial products, softens and perfumes dry and irritated skin. Also in India, women wrap their hair in garlands of jasmine to nourish and perfume them.

"When she arrived by sea, Queen Cleopatra of Egypt perfumed the sails of ships with jasmine to fool Marc Antony before he even saw her," explains Francis Kurkjian, a perfumer.

Super Fleurs is exactly this type of perfume, at its heart it contains three of the most addictive white flowers - Jasmine, Ylang-Ylang and Tuberose, but not only! For a modern and more youthful style, they are laced with pear, Madagascar vanilla and amber.
I wore it these days, I had forgotten it with my roses...but it's really lovely, its durability is exceptional, it can stay on for days on clothes. The kind of perfume with a presence that is constantly with you, scenting your room when you move your hair or open your wardrobe.

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