Les Parfums d’Igor
Les Parfums d’Igor is an innovative brand created in 2016 that combines the most magnificent and characteristic scents of the East and the West. Perfumers hold on to the French tradition of creating quality perfumes, but do not hesitate to challenge with contrasting and mystical scents. Les Parfums d’Igor establishes its uncompromising reputation in the world of perfumery, providing an incredible awakening of the senses with its exquisite fragrances.

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Niche French perfumes from Les Parfums d’Igor
The niche French perfumes from Les Parfums d’Igor combine ingredients from around the world that unleash a desire to escape, travel and rediscover new horizons. The fragrance collection cleverly blends the open nature of the Western world with the mysticism of the Orient, creating scents to suit both genders. Les Parfums d’Igor knows no boundaries and leaps as if beyond the achievable, striving to bring to reality fragrances close to perfection.

Go on a journey, cross the Bosporus and explore the West and the East as the great artists have described them throughout the centuries in their books, paintings and symphonies. Les Parfums d’Igor is a brand that is focused on globalization and strives to break down restrictions and rigid traditions.
Les Parfums d’Igor – French perfumes inspired by nature
Enjoy the freshness of the citrus fruit, reminiscent of the lush orange groves of southern Europe. Let the seduction and romance touch you with scents of rose and cedar. Arm yourself with ambition and boldness, immersing yourself in the fragrance of Arabian musk and essences of Asian plants. Les Parfums d’Igor wants you to be different and distinctive.

Les Parfums d’Igor perfume house has a high stake – to offer luxury French perfumes at affordable prices. This is a true compliment and proof that perfumery is not just a business, but a way to create art by and for the people.

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