Nolença is a French perfume house creating complex and beautiful fragrances full of softness and poetry. The brand is dedicated to the idea of offering niche French perfumes with natural and harmless composition, whose production is environmentally friendly and at the same time at an affordable and fair price. The revival of old traditions in fragrance creation is another main focus of Nolença and this undoubtedly sets them apart from many other creators in the industry.

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The motto of the brand is Smell wonderful. Feel wonderful and sends you back to those moments when a magnificent fragrance touches you deeply, making you dream, love, fly…
Who is behind Nolença
Anais and Laurie first met in London, but fate brought them together for a long time in Paris, where the idea of Nolença was born. Both ladies love French opulence, the magic of fragrances and friendship. It is what brings them together around the venture to create their first fragrances – an emanation of happiness, warmth and shared moments.

The big inspiration for Anais and Laurie comes from the soft and gentle colours of Toulouse, a city of warm tiles and pastel tones. Nolença, which means “fragrance” in Occitan, was born as a perfume house with an optimistic vision of life. It is the need to create niche perfumes that reference favourite places, fill everyday life with energy and pay homage to the important moments of childhood and youth.
French niche perfumes from Nolença
Thanks to the support of two major and renowned composition houses, Robertet and Maelstrom, Nolença cultivates its own distinctive signature in the creation of traditional perfumery. Each ingredient of the perfumes is selected for its uncompromising quality, and the fragrances describe complex, bold, clear yet unobtrusive notes.

Carrying the awareness that we live in a world that needs care and respect, the perfumers of Nolença do not stop checking and improving their production practices. Their exclusive perfumes contain 80% organic wheat alcohol and between 85 – 91% naturally sourced ingredients. Nolença does not add artificial colours, phthalates and other harmful substances to its products. The perfume bottles and cartons are recyclable, and the perfumes themselves are created in Grasse and packaged in Valouris.

With their works of aromatic art, the creators of Nolença paint a whole new vision of the modern fragrance, full of tenderness and romance, yet retaining its power and defiant beauty.

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