We are creating the perfumery of the future : sophisticated and beautiful, yet affordable and fairly priced. One that doesn't pollute the environment and connects you emotionally to your sense of smell and memories.

Who are we, the creators of Nolença?

We are Anais and Lori. One lives in Paris, the other in Brussels, we met in London, then in Geneva and Paris. And we decided not to part anymore!:) The idea for the brand was Anais', but shared with Lori, it became a reality. Nolença is headquartered in Paris, but the brand is inspired by the warm colours of Toulouse, those of the red bricks and the pastel tones of the city. Nolença is a symbol of joy, poetry and a brand new type of lifestyle perfumery. Why Toulouse ? Because that's where Anais grew up, and it's our favorite destination. What does Nolença mean? In Occitan language (Occitanie is a region in the South of France) , " nolença " means " aroma ".

Our perfumers

Nolença works with two perfume houses - Robertet and Maelstrom, the perfumes are created by big names in contemporary perfumery - Sidonie Lancet, Alain Alain, Patrick Reveillard and Michel Almerac.

Composed with ingredients of exceptional quality, each Nolença perfume has a complex structure, artistic yet clean and crystalline.

Smell wonderful. Feel wonderful.