Perfume and skincare in one ?


The alcohol-based liquid perfumes we use nowadays appeared relatively late, as late as the 14th century. They are refreshing and perfume the space around us, have very good projection and durability. For these reasons, towards the end of the Middle Ages they gradually replaced the use of hard perfume.

Long centuries before, there were only solid perfumes in the form of scented pomades, which had several purposes - healing, religious and beautifying.

The modern hard perfume is a hybrid product between skin care and perfuming agent, its use has a more intimate, sensual and tactile gesture. Suitable for people who like thick creamy textures, waxes, aromatic resins, natural fragrances and oils.


The first perfume in the history of perfumery was created in Egypt, it was called kyphi and was in solid form. It is animal or vegetable fat, often beeswax, in which various aromatic plants, resins and animal products such as musk, amber, etc. are infused.

Later in Europe, in the Middle Ages, balms were made in the shape of birds called " oiselets de Chypre ", translated as something like " Cypriot birds ". They are also based on fat in which cinnamon, honey, frankincense, myrrh, sandalwood, amber, juniper are dissolved.

Forgotten for centuries because of the use of alcoholic perfume, solid perfumes began to reappear on the French market in the early 20th century.

The revival of the hard perfume is happening because of the company from the town. In 1925, they created the Molinard ( Molinard ). the solid perfume " la concreta ".

Since then, more and more brands have added a solid version of their fragrances to their collection.

What are their main advantages ..?

  • More harmless than alcoholic perfumes, can be worn on the beach and in general when exposed to the sun, ideal for summer
  • They are practical - compact, lightweight, easy to carry in a bag or on the road
  • Cheaper are

and disadvantages ?

  • They do not create a trail, they are suitable for intimate, personal perfuming

How are they used?

Apply with fingers to the pulse points of the body (inside of wrists, on knees, on elbows, behind ears, neckline) , so the fragrance molecules are released as the perfume warms the skin.

The advantages of Nolença solid perfumes :

In addition to those listed above, they are 95% natural, hazelnut and shea butter based, with natural essential oils, contain no phthalates, dyes, cellophane, BHT and are not tested on animals.

The solid perfume "Orange Blossom" is refreshing and sensual, floral and comfortable. Its aroma embodies the whole orange tree, you can feel the branches, the leaves and the delicate flowers.

Vanilla perfume is a delicious harmony between pink pepper, Madagascar vanilla and rum.

And " Sandalwood " has a soothing and creative effect on our soul, with notes of cardamom and a woody-milky nuance.


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