In this category you will find irresistible men’s perfumes, captivating the senses with magnificently combined fragrances by perfumers who have turned their craft into an art. Feel the sunny and fresh aroma of bergamot, awakening the senses, inspiring mood and vitality. Let your imagination run wild and let it take you to places where nutmeg creates an atmosphere of cosiness and sentimentality. Step firmly on the ground and feel the power of nature within you with the dense and captivating scent of sandalwood.

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The men’s perfumes offered by Perfume Echoes awaken the instincts and are imbued with energy. Immerse yourself in French perfumery traditions, refreshed by the contemporary eye of modern perfumers.
Irresistible men’s perfumes from niche French brands
The three French perfume houses that Perfume Echoes presents on the Bulgarian market are an emanation of quality and creativity in creating distinctive fragrances suitable for every gender.

The perfume house
Bon Parfumeur
revives the traditional art of perfume to re-read it in a new, modern way. The founder of the brand, Ludovic Boneton, believes that the originality of a fragrance is born in the contact between a person and the different situations he finds himself in every day. This philosophy elevates experimentation to a pedestal and expresses it through the bold blending of fragrances in search of the irresistible masculine perfume for the day, event or mood.

Les Parfums d’Igor
is an innovative brand created in 2016 that combines the most magnificent and characteristic fragrances of the East and the West. Perfumers hold on to the French tradition of creating quality perfumes, but they do not hesitate to challenge our senses with contrasting and mystical scents. The perfume house creates its products with the most sophisticated noses among niche men’s fragrance lovers in mind.

offer fragrances created with the help of renowned and up-and-coming perfumers, unleashing their creativity to create scents that speak to the soul. With their works of aromatic art, Nolença paint a whole new vision of the modern male perfume – soft, poetic, yet exuding strength and challenge. The ingredients of the perfumes are selected according to their uncompromising quality, and the fragrances that are created with them are complex, clear and delicate.
Men’s fragrances with impeccable quality and environmental responsibility
Nolença and Bon Parfumeur ‘s perfumes are over 90% natural composition of precious ingredients extracted from nature. To add complexity, abstractness and durability, a small percentage of synthetic ingredients have been added to the formulation, which are completely harmless to humans and the environment. Les Parfums d’Igor products contain perfume extracts with a high concentration of over 25% perfume essence, making them extremely long-lasting and highly aromatic.

Nolença and Bon Parfumeur perfumes come to you in recyclable packaging that is free of plastic and other polluting waste products. The safety of the products is guaranteed by European legislation, which has approved all three perfume brands offered on the site.
Choose your niche men’s perfume with Perfume Echoes
Choosing the right men’s fragrance to fit your personality while creating a certain image of you can be a complicated process. To find out which fragrances suit you and how to match different perfumes depending on your mood and the occasion, take our Perfume Test and book a free personal consultation (via Facebook Messenger or contact form). Let’s create your perfect “perfume wardrobe” together.

On the Perfume Echoes page you will find not only women’s fragrances, but also many other types of women’s fragrances, unisex fragrances and fragrance samples.

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