When you’re not sure which scent would suit you best, don’t shop blind. Our discovery will reveal you the scent of the perfumes to prepare you for the decisive step towards a considered and desirable purchase.

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Perfume Echoes gives the opportunity to order several amazing sets of perfume samples. Each contains perfume testers in the form of small shots or sachets filled with enchanting perfume extracts. You have the opportunity to try on yourself the different fragrances of perfume brands – some of them will charm you, others will surprise you, and others you may recognize as suitable for someone dear to your heart.
Perfume samples from niche French perfume houses

Bon Parfumeur
are also rolling out their perfume range in the form of shots and sachets. They capture the brand’s most attractive fragrances, divided into several categories – aquatic, aromatic, gourmand (sweet), woody, oriental, fruity, special, floral and citrus. The perfume bridges will reveal impressive combinations of scents. Examples of this would be eau de parfum 004 (with gin, mandarin and musk), 402 (with vanilla, caramel and sandalwood) and why not 702 (with specific symphonies of incense, lavender and cashmere wood). Follow the philosophy of the Bon Parfumeur perfumers and try to make a unique and bold combination of sample fragrances. You may discover your own distinctive scent, revealing your unique persona.

Les Parfums d’Igor
create some of the most impressive fragrances in the world of French niche perfumery. Get your sample fragrances containing perfume extracts with 25% perfume essence that makes them extremely long lasting. The perfume samples come 4 to a set and give you the rare opportunity to experience and try the distinctive fragrances of Aïsha, Bois d’Igor, Four Seasons and Crystal 24. Their style is an elegant cocktail of French and oriental nuances – refined, elegant, subtle compositions, highlighted with more sensual, intense and lasting accents.
Choose your new perfume with the help of perfume samples and a personal consultation with Perfume Echoes
To find out which fragrances suit you, and how to match different perfumes depending on your mood and the occasion, take our Perfume Test and book a free personal consultation via Facebook Messenger or the contact form. Let’s create your perfect “perfume wardrobe” together.

On the Perfume Echoes page you will find not only fragrance samples, but also many other types of men’s fragrances, women’s fragrances and unisex fragrances.

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