Spring unrest


With the arrival of spring, our mood changes and our desire for freshness, nature and lightness.

Fresher perfumes take the place of heavy winter scents with vanilla, amber, leather, wood… We long for scents of green grass, fresh ocean breeze, fragrant lilacs, scent of sunlit, spilling nature.

What are the freshest and most pleasant spring flowers in women’s perfumes ? – In my opinion – Tulip, hyacinth, lilac, daffodil, lily of the valley, cherry blossom, mimosa, peony…

Most flowers, because of the delicacy of their petals, cannot be distilled or otherwise extracted naturally. As fragrant as they are, once processed, they do not “give” their scent….Parfumers call them “dumb flowers” and create them by reconstruction from other natural or synthetic molecules. In the above list of flowers, only mimosa and narcissus can be obtained by extraction or distillation.

For men, the spring perfume has a large amount of citrus, grapefruit, lemon, bergamot in which combine fresh notes of freshly cut grass, lavender, rosemary, wood, and why not fruit. These notes improve our mood, have a positive effect on our nervous system and prepare us for the better part of the year – spring and summer.

And here are the best spring perfumes in our shop:

002 Neroli, jasmine and white amber

Fresh bergamot, delicate orange blossom and warmer amber intertwine to create the delicate yet sensual scent of 002. Peony and lily of the valley complement the spring spirit of the fragrance.

004 Gin, mandarin and musk

A cool and green start with the aroma of gin combined with a cocktail of citrus – tangerine, Italian lemon and bergamot. The feel of gin comes from juniper – a modern, fresh and original ingredient.

801 with Sea Foam, Cedarwood and Grapefruit

Grapefruit and lemon enhance the ocean freshness. For more character, the lightness of citrus is mixed with aromatic rosemary and warm spices.

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