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Everyone has experienced it, with a garment, with a perfume, with a person....yes, I understand that this perfume is very good, it smells good, but with it " I am not ".

Even sometimes, knowing it, we still buy it or, if they gave it to us, we wear it...

Why is that ?

First - always listen to your intuition and do what you feel.😉

And yet why is it so ...

(The things I'm about to tell you about are based on my many years in the perfume business and two exceptional fashion and fragrance trainings I was lucky enough to attend. One is a Gerlin training and the other is a Cinquième sens school in Paris.)

There are several aspects that are important when choosing a perfume, but let's talk about the most important ones - 1. perfume memory, i.e. scents that have become positively stored in our emotional memory and 2. our character, personality, temperament.

Depending on the context in which we have lived, our nose, from early childhood has memorized different smells and put them in different categories - with a positive or negative charge. What do I mean?

Imagine the boy or girl you were in love with at 15. had a friend who smelled of Nivea deodorant. In principle, Nivea smells pleasant, but for you this smell will forever remain with a negative charge. And you have no idea why you get uncomfortable every time you smell that smell or a hint of it somewhere...

Of course, the opposite is also true for fragrances with a positive charge, I, for example, living in France, very much love rose because it reminds me of Bulgaria 🥰

The perfume you choose should contain the ingredients that specifically for you are positively charged! Think....and try to identify know them, you just never thought of them.

The second - temperament...The easiest way to determine the style that is related to our temperament is to look at our wardrobe.

Quickly about the styles and appropriate flavors:

🌹 Romantic - choose light, floral or powdery compositions, with white musk...but always airy and delicate

🌿Natural - sporty and elegant - fresh and unisex perfumes, with lots of citrus, green and wood

💄Sexy fatal - glamour - vanilla-oriental perfumes, intense, memorable, plume perfumes

🍢Original - artistic - the important thing is to go beyond the norm, original and unusual perfumes

👒Classic - chypre and woody perfumes, elegant

😎Modern - trendy - colorful, fresh, sweet, saturated, cool - everything that is in fashion right now

The other level is now that we know which are " our " perfumes, to choose the right one for a given context to feel good and in tune with it, to achieve our goals , this is the science of " aromapsychology " which I will talk about later..

I will also talk in more detail about the different types of fashion styles, to make it easier for you to identify and relate them to perfumes.

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