The concept of unisex perfume is relatively new and was born in response to the modern mass perfume industry. In the world of niche perfumery, there is no clear division between men’s and women’s perfumes. The fragrances are originally dedicated to both genders, as each personality carries its own inimitable aura that cannot be put into boundaries.

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Perfume Echoes does not follow prescriptions or conform to preconceptions. The unisex perfumes you will find here are designed to speak to each of you with the power of the language of fragrance and imagination. Immerse yourself in the world of niche French perfumers who dare to challenge the status quo and offer fragrances that dazzle.
Unisex perfumes from niche French brands
The three French perfume houses that Perfume Echoes presents on the Bulgarian market are an emanation of quality and creativity in creating distinctive fragrances suitable for every gender.

Perfumery house
will take you back in memory to that place scented with roasted almonds and caramelised sugar; where citrus makes the lips tingle and the scent of flowers awakens tenderness and deep feelings. Such a symphony of fragrances appeals to all the senses and invites you to discover your own distinctive unisex perfume.

Modernity and modernity bring inspiration and energy to anyone who has the courage to be themselves, regardless of their circumstances. The founder of the French perfume brand
Bon Parfumeur
Ludovic Boneton, relies on the traditions of perfume art and the exceptional ingredients he uses in his products. Unisex perfumes are artistic, create chaos and open up possibilities to freely experiment and mix fragrances according to mood and occasion.

The characteristic scents of the East and the West create the greatest and most challenging synergy in the world of perfumes. From
Les Parfums d’Igor
know this and offer connoisseurs of niche unisex perfumes an experience worth having. Imagine a blend of subtle jasmine, delicious caramel, and the maritime, animalic scent of ambergris, backed with persistent vanilla and cedar notes. You get a scent that makes you different.
Unisex perfumes with impeccable quality
In this category, you will find liquid unisex perfumes that encapsulate a world of impeccable ingredients and proven methods for creating long-lasting and impressive fragrances. Also enjoy the selection of solid unisex perfumes in the form of a gorgeous balm to take care of your body and soul at the same time.

Nolença and Bon Parfumeur perfumes contain between %-95% natural ingredients. To add complexity, abstractness and durability, a small percentage of synthetic ingredients have been added, which are completely harmless to humans and the environment. Les Parfums d’Igor products contain perfume extracts with a high concentration of over 25% perfume essence, making them extremely long-lasting and highly aromatic. The safety of the products is guaranteed by European legislation, which has approved all three perfume brands offered on the site.
Choose your unisex perfume with Perfume Echoes
If you want to create the perfect “perfume wardrobe”, take our Perfume Test and book a free personal consultation to choose the right perfume via Facebook Messenger or the contact form. Together, we’ll discover which fragrance is authentic to you, the one that best suits your essence, and then we’ll peek into the secret world of the impact that perfumes apply to adapt to any situation in everyday life.

On the Perfume Echoes page you will find not only unisex fragrances, but also many other types of men’s fragrances, women’s fragrances and fragrance samples.

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