Orange blossom in perfumery

Aromatherapy: calms anxiety, promotes inner peace and sleep

Symbolism: purity, chastity, fertility, marriage

Emotion: joy

Nose: sunny-Mediterranean, sweet, floral, powdery, green

Have you ever come very close to the small, delicate blossoms of the bigaradier (or bitter orange) – an extraordinary scent, both sweet and lemony, that no matter how long I inhale it I never get tired of … This little fragrant flower, historically symbolizes innocence, love and fertility.

The orange blossom was originally discovered in Asia and has been highly prized in the Arab world since antiquity. It was introduced into Europe in the 11th century, first in southern Europe, Spain and Italy, and later in the rest of the continent. Gradually it won the hearts of all Europeans and became one of the symbols of the marriage ceremony.

Orange blossom is often called “neroli” after the city of Nerola in Italy. Anne-Marie Orsini, a 17th-century aristocrat married to the Duke of Nerola, contributed much to the spread of the fragrance in Europe.

Earrings Orange blossom Les Néréides

For her part, the Queen of England, Victoria, at her wedding to Prince Albert in 1840 popularized the fashion of the bride wearing white with a crown of orange blossoms, a symbol of purity, love and fertility. Kate Middleton also followed tradition and was perfumed with Jo Malone’s Orange Blossom at her wedding.

Louis IV was also a great admirer of the orange blossom, he planted a bitter orange in the royal gardens of the Louvre called L’Orangerie. This is the period in which, in the perfume sphere, the strong, intrusive perfumes of musk, amber and other fragrances of animal origin are rejected and lighter and more colourful perfumes come into vogue to cure women’s worries and headaches.

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