What is a perfume pyramid


Every quality perfume is created in a pyramidal structure, according to the time of evaporation of the notes, with a beginning, a middle and a base. And it is by this ability of perfume - to unfold gradually over time, to change and smell differently to different people, that its good quality can be judged.

The perfume notes in the pyramid evaporate gradually, the initial, or top of the pyramidevaporate in about 10min. to 1 hour. These are the citrus, the green and fresh notes, the scents like lavender and rosemary.

Then, for 2-3 hours, the heart of the perfume unfolds, these notes create the identity and originality of the perfume. These are most often notes of flowers, fruits and powder.

Base notes are the ones that stay for days and hours on your skin, hair and clothes. They are the ones to whom you will become emotionally attached, to whom you will develop an "allegiance" and with whom you will identify.

French perfumes have been created this way for centuries, and at the height of French perfumery in the 19th-20th centuries, perfumers worked extensively on the base of the perfume. It is the guarantor of the durability, depth and quality of the perfume.

Today, unfortunately, the American perfume industry has imposed the fashion of linear, timeless perfumes. You'll recognize them by the fact that they grab you hard in the store, then evaporate quickly from your wrist and smell the same on you and all your girlfriends. This type of perfume is created for mass consumption, with the aim of appealing instantly to the customer, to be purchased immediately, on the spot. Perfumers work mainly on the top of the pyramid, on the initial notes, they need to seduce the customer quickly and easily.

French artisan perfumery still insists on quality pyramid structures, the source of so much sensation, surprise, emotion and of course durability and quality.


The products I choose for my shop are only of this kind, created in France, of good quality and a source of emotions.

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