Winter perfumes

Winter, cold and grey skies, low temperatures, in such conditions we need fragrances that create a feeling of comfort and warmth that lift our mood through pleasant associations.
The smell of warm chocolate, milk with vanilla, cookies with cinnamon, crackling wood in a fireplace, the warmth and smell of natural leather are scents that make us feel comfortable and cozy.
The color associations are cinnamon and chocolate brown, amber-orange, milky-yellow vanilla, etc. and the feel should be of cashmere, mohair, wool...thick, warm and soft fabrics.

Perfumes with this type of ingredients and sensations are 1. amber/orientals, 2.sweet and 3.warm, woody flavours.

These are perfumes that have a solid base, meaning the perfumer has worked mainly on the base ingredients. They are the ones that evaporate the slowest and this type of perfume is usually long lasting, intense and radiant over time.

Examples of such perfumes in Perfume Echoes are :

Rosca Ametlla Nolença

Inspired by the indomitable spirit of the Spaniard, Rosca Ametlla smells of citrus and orange blossom, which gradually buds and transforms into the elegant, gourmand aroma of "Rusquilla" - a delicious, Spanish cobbler scented with cinnamon and vanilla.

Oudh Coco MAH privé

Peach and vanilla wrapped in cashmere musk. Vanilla here is at the heart of the perfume, mixed with cedar wood, it adds sophistication and warms the skin, while musk and amber contribute to the depth and durability of the composition.

Bois Intense MAH privé

Frankincense, iris, oriental resins and vanilla is the aromatic mix of Bois Intense. Subtle, mystical, mysterious veil and original, memorable fragrance.

901 with nutmeg, almond and patchouli Bon Parfumeur

Warm, spicy and vanilla perfume, with ginger, nutmeg and musk.

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